Matt Gilhooly is a creator. 
His focus on communication is seen throughout his work experiences. He is a recent Public Relations graduate from the University of Florida. He learned to enhance his strategic writing skills in various areas of public relations, including reputation management, crisis management, and measurement and evaluation. As a creator, Matt also enjoys producing and hosting his podcast, The Life Shift Podcast. He also enjoys designing content, such as communication materials, coloring books, digital art, pitch meeting presentations, keynote speaking engagements, and other forms of media.
Matt earned his MBA from the University of Central Florida in 2004 and has worked in higher education and start-up organizations in a variety of management roles. He excels in project brainstorming, planning, and execution. Other skills include budgeting, operations, and people management. In every experience, he relies on his ability to communicate with various audiences in ways that cater to the needs and desires of each individual. He believes that we must take time to support the people around us to achieve success. He is a team player. Yet, he is happy to take the lead on any project if needed.
Matt has self-published over 10 coloring books on Amazon and recently released a new children's book that celebrates individuality and confidence, "I Can Be Anyone: A Soul's Journey," in June 2021.
He loves to travel and experience new cultures and locations and looks forward to the world opening up again soon.
Examples of Matt's work can be found on the pages of this portfolio. These examples show evidence of design skills, communication and writing skills, and presentation abilities. 
For more information, please email Matt at or connect on LinkedIn.

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