Psychology in Advertising Presentation - REI 5 Voices
In this presentation, I created advertisement creatives that serve 5 different consumer voices and one creative that served all at once. I present the rationale for each decision, including copy, creative, and other ad settings.
Final Project: Part One
I created this presentation for a small advertising plan using Facebook and Instagram for 57 Montgomery Ave and its book, "I Can Be Anyone."
Final Project: Part Two
In part two of this presentation, I evaluated the results of my first Facebook and Instagram advertising. Within this project, I learned to determine what to do to improve future ads on Facebook and Instagram.
Snapchat Advertising Analysis
I analyzed an ad from Away Luggage and repositioned it via new creatives and content in this presentation. Here I analyzed the position in the sales funnels among other Snapchat advertising settings.

Ad Copy Evaluation - StoryBrand

Using the StoryBrand messaging format, I analyzed existing Facebook ads for a Fitness company. After each analysis, I created a new version of the ad copy based on recommendations from the StoryBrand structure.
TikTok Advertising Presentation
In this activity, I created two ads to use on TikTok for 57 Montgomery Ave Books. Each slide includes the rationale for the decisions and how best to position each advertising choice.
Sample Audience Persona & Targeting Strategy
In this activity, I used data from an Audience Survey to create an Audience Persona for 57 Montgomery Ave and a Core Targeting Strategy for Facebook and Instagram Ads.
Below are screenshots of an assortment of ads created for various social media platforms
Below are a few Example Videos created for 57 Montgomery Ave Books
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